How we help you make your internship, work experience or volunteering better



The Orange Intern team provides the structure and support you need to make your internship, work experience or volunteering project a success. Years of experience coupled with industry wide contacts ensures that you are linked up with the right projects. In addition, candidates are carefully screened to ensure they offer real value to the organizations they will be involved in.

A summary of intern services offered are as follows:


Intern Students

  • Structured application process
  • Detailed orientation
  • On the ground support
  • Personal mentoring
  • Placement
  • Flexible program time frames
  • Assistance with travel planning and accommodation



Becoming an intern or volunteer is a life changing experience. Every day you will be exposed to new things that will grow and expand your world. You don’t just gain practical hands on experience. And you are not just building into the lives of others. You learn. You learn so much more about people, life and most importantly yourself.

When you become an intern or volunteer, you change. You go home richer and wiser.

You create friendships that could last a lifetime and span oceans. The real value in an internship is that intangible feeling. You can’t always put your finger on it. But you know that it made a significant impact in your life and those you worked with.

Gaining work experience in a foreign country can open up a whole new way of thinking in terms of your career. Finding a company that fits what you’re looking for is not easy. But with Orange Intern’s extensive network of industry contacts we can create a match that benefits not only your career, but also the business you will be working for. It’s a structured approach that streamlines the entire work experience. This means you can focus on gaining the experience need, knowing you have full on the ground support at your disposal.

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