Service internships are offered to students as part of any university based Study Abroad Program. Students from colleges and universities around the world have an opportunity to complete service internships in Cape Town, South Africa that will meet all their program requirements.

Internship in Cape Town

The founder of Orange Intern, Julie De Nicola  has been involved in placing, mentoring and supporting honors students in service internship programs since (2008). The program is detailed and extensive. It is designed to offer real value to the organizations that students are involved in.

Most importantly internships provide a unique and practical opportunity for students to experience more of life, grow, learn and change. It is a program designed for individuals who are serious about making a valuable contribution to society, developing their careers and themselves on a personal level.

Service Internship programs include:

  • Personal face to face interviews of participants. When it is not possible to do this in person an online live interview is conducted.
  • Allocation of internship. This involves introducing and matching a student with an internship provider so that they both benefit from the working relationship.
  • Assistance with travel planning. This incorporates travel specific to the internship program such as: Allocation of suitable accommodation in Cape Town and daily transportation to the internship site once in South Africa. Advice can also be provided through a network of travel service providers on airline travel, leisure excursions and safari’s.
  • Detailed orientation on arrival in South Africa. This includes general and practical information such as safety, getting around, and getting to know the local cultures. It also includes specific information on the support and mentoring available to students during their internship.
  • Management of the internship program. Mentors will check in with students periodically during their internship to make sure all is running smoothly. Feedback from internship providers will also be obtained.
  • Where there is a group of students on a program a mid semester excursion is arranged. The excursion entails some travel and adventure activities, as well as exploration of cultural and historic places of interest.
  • Possibility of student privileges at the University Of Cape Town with access to libraries, sports facilities and student organizations.
  • On request lectures on social and political issues in South Africa can be arranged.

To apply to the service internship program or find out more information send us an email by completing the contact form below:

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