Service Opportunities



Orange Intern offers three different types of service opportunities:

Service internships and work experience are specific to students and graduates. However, volunteering is open to anyone, provided you meet the volunteer requirements and pass the application process. There are set programs for service internships and work experience programs which align with international university requirements. Volunteering opportunities are more flexible and are open to people of all ages and professions.

Benefits of Volunteering:

In all three of these programs there is a strong focus on social responsibility. Participants are given an opportunity to give back to communities in need. At the same time you have an opportunity to grow and learn. An internship, work experience or volunteer program enables you to undergo a personal transformation in the process.

Orange Intern is serious about their commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. The programs involve a lot of fun and adventure, but still have an underlying focus on service, experience and purpose.  People who have a vision for their lives, and who are willing to make a commitment to service of others, will find the programs fulfilling and rewarding.

South Africa is a country that is beautiful, rich and diverse. But it also has it’s share of historic and economic challenges that its working to address. There is an opportunity during your stay in the country to learn more about South Africa‘s political history from all sides. You can meet with apartheid veterans, different community leaders and learn about South Africa’s many diverse cultures. You can also work alongside emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders and learn how they are succeeding, often against the odds.

To find out more about internships, work experience or volunteering opportunities email us using the contact form below:

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