Hear from interns and volunteers who have been there, done it…..

This is what some past interns and volunteers have to say about their time in Cape Town, South Africa:Intern student group Cape Town

Will Leimenstoll: “Interning and studying in Cape Town fundamentally shifted the trajectory of my professional pursuits and gave me a broader perspective. Working in such a naturally beautiful city that is truly striving to tackle its numerous societal challenges is energizing and inspiring. There is no other place on earth like it and I look back on my semester there as one of the best experiences I’ve had. Going there is an opportunity to get off the constant treadmill of American academia and learn from hands-on experiences. Whether you’re hiking Lion’s Head, walking around the City Bowl, or experiencing campus life at the University of Cape Town, you can’t help but absorb new cultures and learn more about yourself and the world around you with every step you take in this city.”

Bowen Kelley: “If I were to describe my months in Cape Town in one phrase, that phrase would be wonderfully, beautifully balanced.  My living situation and leisure time allowed me the opportunity to take in the gorgeous, rich natural and cultural landscapes for which Cape Town is renowned, truly living the good life as I enjoyed the city’s beaches, restaurants, concerts, and more (complete with an agreeable exchange rate). Bowen Kelley intern in Cape TownHowever, through my internship placement working for an organization aiding the region’s sizable population of refugees and asylum-seekers, I was additionally fortunate enough to see Cape Town’s other half and witness the difficult realities the city continues to face. In Cape Town, you can’t help but see it all – it’s an incredible medley of the breathtakingly gorgeous and jarringly difficult. You won’t regret venturing off the beaten path and studying, interning, and living in one of the world’s most multi-dimensional, storied, vibrant, and beautiful cities.”

Anagha Hanumante: “My semester in Cape Town was truly a gift. It provided me with the time to reflect on my personal life as well as my academic career and really think about what I was looking for in life. The natural beauty of Cape Town, the incredible people from my internship, along with the rich, complex history of South Africa allowed me to gain a much broader perspective on the world. This perspective is something that I have taken back with me to the United States and is something that has positively affected my day-to-day life. I would encourage anyone who is looking for for something exciting and thought-provoking to embark on this incredible experience.”

Rimel N. Mwamba,Robertson Scholars Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University Human Development Certificate, Honors Cape Town 2016 Program :”When asked about my ‘spirit city’ I often think of Cape Town. Though my travels have led me to cities in the world with incredible opportunities, Cape Town holds my hardest and most rewarding experiences. Having had the opportunity to live in a place full of history and such lucid yet defined cultures taught me more about the world than I had ever learned before.”

Nicole Davis Honors Cape Town 2015 Program “Having the opportunity to intern in Cape Town allowed me to see both the beauty and struggle in such a complex city. I learned from every person I met, and continue to draw from my experience every day.”


Morgan Pratt Honors Cape Town,2016 Program “My time in Cape Town was not only an exciting adventure, it was also an incredible learning experience. Working with the community clued me into some of the challenges facing the region in a way impossible to experience anywhere else.”




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