UNC 2015 – another successful Cape Town Program!

The UNC 2015 Study Abroad participants made full use of everything Cape Town has to offer. They took full advantage of the incredible outdoor life and hiked all the peaks surrounding the magical city of Cape Town. Living communally with 15 other people you have never met before can present certain challenges but not to this group. They embraced the opportunity to meet and get to know new people and formed friendships that will endure long into the future.
Their internships were on the whole successful but even those that didn’t quite work out as planned held an opportunity for growth and learning. The most remarkable aspect of these internship is the relationships that are formed. The 2015 group made a tangible effort to learn about the people they worked with and developed meaningful relationships with them.
They had so much fun… Long Street is a vibey, trendy street filled with great bars and interesting restaurants. The night life is not unique to any big city in the world but Long Street does have a particular African flare and the students reveled in it. From shark cave diving to bungy jumping off the highest jump in the world, this group did it all.
We will miss the but know that without a doubt we will see them on our shore again one day. Hamba Kahle 2015

Cape Town - a magical place

Cape Town – a magical place

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